• Served with mint sauce and tamarind sauce; hot sauce available

    Assorted Appetizers (for 2 people) 
    Combination vegetable platter includes Samosa and Vegetable Pakora’s.$14.95


    Alu Tikki 
    Mashed potato patties dipped in spicy chickpea batter and fried golden brown.$8.25


    Assorted Kabob Platter 
    $20.95 Combination kabob platter includes chicken tikka, tandoori shrimp and seekh kabob.
    Serves two.


    Lamb Kabob 
    Ground lamb with a special mix of spices and cooked on skewers in the tandoor. $18.95


    Chaat Papri 
    Flour crisps, potatoes, chickpeas mixed with tamarind, cilantro chutney & yogurt. $8.95


    Chicken Pakora 
    Marinated chicken dipped in chickpeas and fried to perfection. $10.95


    Fish Pakora 
    Marinated fish dipped in spiced yogurt batter and fried until golden brown. $12.95


    Shrimp Pakora 
    Marinated shrimp dipped in spiced yogurt and fried until golden brown. $13.95


    Paneer Pakora 
    Homemade cottage cheese cubes dipped in chickpea batter & fried until golden brown.$11.95


    Vegetable Samosa 
    $8.95 Crisp fried turnovers, filled with delicious, mildly spiced potatoes and green peas
    served with mint and tamarind chutney.


    Palak Chaat 
    $10.95 Fresh spinach dipped in a special batter, deep fried with potatoes. Served with a
    light yogurt and tamarind sauce.

  • Mulligatawny Soup 
    Delicate lentils simmered with spices.$9.95


    Chicken Soup 
    A delicate chicken soup simmered with spices and garnished with fresh ginger and cilantro.$9.95


    Namaste Salad 
    Garden fresh lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes with lemon or yogurt dressing.$10.95

  • Chicken Tikka 
    Delicious marinated boneless chicken breast cooked to perfection in the tandoori oven.$22.95


    Paneer Tikka 
    $21.95 Delicious homemade cheese, green peppers and onions marinated with spices.
    Cooked in the tandoori oven.


    Malai Kabob 
    $22.95 Boneless chicken breast marinated in sour cream butter sauce with ginger,  
    garlic and fresh coriander leaves.


    Seekh Kabob 
    $24.95 Ground lamb blended with a special mix of spices and cooked on skewers
    in the tandoori oven.


    Tandoori Chicken 
    Half: $18.95 / Full: $25.95 Chicken on the bone, marinated in yogurt and spices and grilled in the tandoori oven.


    Tandoori Mixed Grill 
    Shrimp, lamb, and chicken grilled in the tandoori oven.$25.95

    Tandoori Lamb Chops 
    $35.95 Tender lamb chops marinated in spices and grilled to perfection
    in the tandoori oven.


    Tandoori Shrimp 
    $29.95 Jumbo shrimp marinated in exotic blend of spices and cooked on skewers
    in the tandoori oven.


    Tandoori Salmon 
    $28.95 Seasoned fillet of salmon cooked in the tandoor with green
    peppers and tomatoes.


  • Chicken Tikka Masala 
    $22.95 Chicken breast marinated in spices and yogurt. Grilled in the tandoori oven,
    then cooked in a tomato based cream sauce.


    Chicken Chili 

    Boneless chicken deep fried and sautéed with green chilies, onions, ginger,
    garlic and soy sauce.

    Chicken Curry 
    Traditional chicken curry cooked with spices and herbs.$22.95


    Chicken Methi 
    Pieces of chicken cooked with fenugreek, onions and spices.$22.95


    Chicken Saag 
    Pieces of chicken cooked in a cream sauce with spinach.$22.95


    Chicken Korma 
    Mildly spiced chicken flavored with coconut and simmered in yogurt and nuts.$22.95

    Chicken Makhani 
    Tandoori chicken pieces cooked with onion, tomatoes, butter and cream.$20.95


    Chicken Vindaloo 
    Boneless chicken breast and potato cooked in a spicy, tangy sauce.$22.95


    Chicken Jalfreezi 
    $22.95 Boneless chicken cooked with a special blend of spices
    and garden vegetables.


  • Lamb Roganjosh 
    Tender morsels of lamb cooked with saffron and spices.$25.95


    Keema Mutter 
    $25.95 Ground lamb cooked with green peas, freshly ground herbs and spices,
    blended with onions, tomatoes, ginger and garlic.


    Lamb Karahi 
    $25.95 Tender lamb cubes, cooked in a wok with tomatoes, onions,
    bell peppers, ginger and garlic.


    Lamb Methi 
    Pieces of tender lamb cooked with fenugreek in a curry based sauce.$25.95


    Lamb Korma 
    Tender cubes of lamb cooked in a creamy almond sauce, flavored with saffron.$25.95


    Lamb Saag 
    Succulent cubes of delicious lamb in spinach base curried sauce.$25.95

    Lamb Vindaloo 
    Tender boneless lamb cooked in a hot spicy sauce with potatoes.$25.95


  • Shrimp Karahi 
    Succulent shrimp cooked in a wok with tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, ginger and garlic. $28.95


    Shrimp Tikka Masala 
    Jumbo Tandoori shrimp cooked with spices and butter sauce.$28.95


    Shrimp Vindaloo 
    Jumbo shrimp cooked in a spicy and tangy sauce.$28.95


    Lobster Karahi 
    Lobster meat cooked in a wok with tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, ginger and garlic.$35.95


    Fish Curry 
    Filet of fish cooked in a traditional mild curry sauce.$25.95

    Salmon Tikka Masala 
    $25.95 Salmon filet grilled in the tandoori oven, cooked with tomatoes,
    cream and a blend of spices.


  • All combination dinners are served with soup, raita, rice, naan bread and kheer. tandoori special dinner. 


    Special Combo Dinner 
    $40.95 Assorted specialities from the tandoor includes tandoori chicken, 
    chicken tikka, sheek kabob, malai kabab and tandoori prawn.


    Special Combo Dinner for two (non vegetarian) 
    $80.95 Two people can enjoy a delicious dinner of chicken tikka, sheek kabob,
    vegetable of the day and choice of rogan josh or chicken curry.


    Special Combination Dinner for two (vegetarian) 
    $60.95 Two people can enjoy a delicious dinner of vegetable pakora and a
    choice of 2 vegetable entrees.


    Alu Mehti 
    Potatoes and fenugreek cooked with onions and spices. $19.95


    Baigan Bharta  
    Baked eggplant, mashed and seasoned with herbs. $20.95


    Chana Masala 
    Chickpeas cooked with potatoes, spices, and herbs. $19.95


    Bhindi Masala 
    Green okra cooked with onion, tomatoes and spices. $20.95


    Dal Makhani or Yellow Dal 
    Lentils cooked with mild spices. $19.95


    Vegetable Jalfrezi 
    Fresh vegetables and cheese cooked with mild spices and butter. $20..95


    Alu Gobi  
    Cauliflower, potatoes and tomatoes cooked with spices and onion. $20.95


    Malai Kofta 
    $20.95 Vegetable and cottage cheese dumplings simmered in a savory gravy of onions and tomato, 
    garlic and fresh herbs.


    Mutter Paneer 
    Green peas cooked with fresh cottage cheese cooked in a creamy masala sauce. $20.95


    Saag Paneer 
    Homemade cheese cooked with fresh spinach, seasoning and spices. $20.95


    Shahi Paneer 
    Homemade cheese cooked with tomatoes and butter sauce. $20.95


    Vegetable Korma 
    $20.95 Combination of mildly spiced mixed vegetable curry cooked with a
    yogurt sauce and spices.


    Vegetable Biryani 
    $20.95 Basmati rice flavored with spices and saffron, cooked with stir fried carrots,
    peas and cauliflower.


    Chicken Biryani 
    $23.95 Basmati rice flavored with mild spices and saffron,
    cooked with marinated chicken to an aromatic and savory combination.


    Lamb Biryani 
    $25.95 Basmati rice flavored with mild spices and saffron, cooked with
    marinated lamb cubes, to an aromatic and savory combination.


    Shrimp Biryani 
    $26.95 Jumbo shrimp marinated in yogurt, tomatoes, herbs, spices and cooked with
    spiced flavored Basmati rice and saffron.


    Namaste Biryani 
    Lamb, chicken, and shrimp combination with basmati rice and saffron. $28.95


    Tandoori Naan 
    Unleavened white flour bread baked in tandoor. $3.95


    Tandoori Roti  
    Leavened whole wheat bread baked in the tandoor. $3.95


    Kashmiri Naan 
    Naan stuffed with raisins and almonds. $5.95


    Keema Naan 
    Naan stuffed with ground lamb and spices. $5.95


    Garlic Kulcha 
    Naan stuffed with fresh garlic and herbs. $4.95


    Onion Kulcha 
    Naan stuffed with onions. $4.95


    Paneer Naan  
    Naan stuffed with homemade cottage cheese. $5.95


    Laccha Paratha 
    Multi layered whole wheat bread. $4.95


    Leavened whole wheat bread deep fried. $4.95


    Alu Paratha 
    Leavened whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced potatoes. $4.95


    Freshly made yogurt spiced with cucumber and tomatoes. $4.95


    Thin pieces of crisp lentil bread served with chutneys. $3.95


    Cottage cheese and milk flavored with rose water and garnished with nuts. $6.95


    Gulab Jamun  
    An Indian delicacy. A pastry ball served in a cardamom flavored honey syrup. $6.95


    Traditional Indian rice pudding with almonds and raisins. $6.95


    Traditional Indian ice cream made with cream, almonds, pistachio and rose water. $6.95


    Ice Cream 
    Choice of Pistachio, Saffron, or Mango Ice cream. $6.95


    A sweetened yogurt drink. $4.95


    Mango Lassi  
    Lassi made with Mango. $4.95


    Masala Chai 
    Indian style hot tea with milk and mild spices. $3.95


    Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks    $3.95

  • Beers  


    Taj Mahal 


    Amstel Light  


    Blue Moon 








    Fordham Lager  


    O’Doul’s (non alcoholic) 


    Jim Beam Macallan - 12 - 18
    Wild Turkey Balvenie - 12 - 15
    Maker’s Mark Glenfiddich - 12 & 18
    Knob Creek Glenlivet - 12 & 21
    Silver Patron Crown Royal
    Gold Patron Jack Daniel’s
    Maker’s Mark Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel
    Jameson Irish Whiskey
    Remy Martin Bacardi
    Hennessy Caribbean Rum Malibu (Coconut)
    E & J Brandy Captain Morgan
    Red Label Beefeater
    Dewar’s Bombay Sapphire
    Chivas Regal Bombay Dry Gin
    Johnny Walker Black Label Hendrick’s
    Johnny Walker Gold Label Tanqueray
    Johnny Walker Blue Label
    Absolut Vodka Amaretto Di Saronno
    Grey Goose Grand Marnier
    Ketal One Bailey’s Irish Cream
    Skyy Vodka Drambuie
    Ciroc Kahlua
    Belvedere FLAVORED VODKA
    Stolichnaya Stoli Orange
    Smirnoff Stoli Razberi